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  1. emalia

    Before i fond u, I was wondering in the desert of solitude, you come to show me the way to happiness, to joy the experience of love!! I LOVE YOU, a love without end!!

  2. Before I found you, I was wandering in the desert of solitude. You came to show me the way to happiness, to joy, the experience of love! love and miss you, a love without end!

  3. Our relationship has made us accomplices… accomplices in joy, in pain, in hope, in all dreams, in realization of desires … it is a really fascinating complicity!

  4. i like to read love poem very much

  5. lino majok mayen

    I wont make for you the best love baby

  6. “”
    How much is it possible?

  7. jenny

    you are everything I always want it
    I never think someone will ever love me the way
    You do I thank god everyday for bring me to you
    I love you always

  8. someone luv lasts a life.true love lasts forever.

  9. i do always like to read love books in order to know more about love and it is my pleasure to do so
    actually i do think about my future and sometimes think i feel what is like not to feel again

  10. i want to tell you i just love you

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