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  1. Rony

    I was Finding Love Quotes but poem was also good.

    I m bookmarking ur site.

  2. man your poems made me reconcile with my girlfriend.

  3. Beyond love
    It is hardly enough seeing you,
    It is not enough having you…
    How, then, would I satisfy
    The urge of this longing…?
    And how may I overcome the fear
    Of losing you?
    I do not fulfill myself in loving you …
    I need to go far beyond!
    I wish I could merge
    Myself with yourself…
    I not only love loving you:
    Besides loving to love you
    I adore adoring you!

  4. If loving you is a sin,
    then leaving u is a crime

  5. Karikari Kenneth

    that is a good poem that all people must read

  6. Changes to Marie

    hello my love marie

  7. Changes to Marie

    love u

  8. Hi my love!!

  9. walk on the beach I heard the ocean and wave every night my dreams I know that my heart will go oh well stay for you are and always have been my dream having you in my life

  10. love is the most wonderful thing in the world.
    But love failure is the most biggest pain in the world.

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