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  1. Advance happy birthday my one and only luvs…I wish u ol d best and lucks in ur life,Im owezz here 4 u no matter wat hapen..luv u so mch..

  2. teddienajjuma

    these massages are so cute!

  3. Hello my MOM how are you ..i am fine as you are .i hope today i will meet you online MOM.?? i miss you so much , and i like to come to you MOM.I NEED YOU in my life MOM.. you are the only mom i have in this world MOM . if you like to have me us your lovery son MOM i iwll be happy MOM.There were times when I needed your strength in order to walk.There were times when I needed your vision in order to see myself.There were times when I needed your light in order to find my dreams. There were times when I needed your love,and you pulled me so close that I could feel the warmth of your heart. And do you know what? There will never be a time when I don’t need you, because you are the one that I’ll always love.I LOVE YOU MO M..my dade tell me some time ago you are doing your BIRTHDAY. but you do not tell me .MOM but i am happy the day ny deda tell me , MOM .HAPPY HAPPY , HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU MOM . I LOVE YOU ALL MY LIFE IS YOU MOM.KISSSS

  4. regis

    I love you more each day I wake up.

  5. regis

    i love u

  6. MAS

    I love you meri guriya meri jaan meri sweetu. Happy Birthday meri pari. I love you alot jan

  7. I like to be part of ur best love poem.

  8. Hussam


  9. Johanna Medina

    I wish You The Best On Your BirthDay My Love. And I want to Say Thank you For All the Love You Give Me. God Bless You Baby. 🙂 :* <3

  10. Aminata


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