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Jesus of Pure Love...
by Oriza Martins

Having born as Our Lord,

A small, blessed child,
Bringing fraternity,
A star of goodwill,
a being of light,
Baby Jesus...

When a peregrine your teachings
Have been an show of love in essence,
A messenger of providence,
A beacon for our destiny...

Today, on uncertain times,
On the happiness or despair,
I find You in my prayers
As I know that You never leave me,
Jesus, my divine master

You are the beam of hope,
You are the hope of the desperate,
The morning star,
The bright of sunset,

At night You are with me
In my beautiful dreams
And I enjoy your love
From the sunshine to dawn...

In front of You, my Lord,
My heart burns,
You are happiness and peace,
Sublime and divine.
When I enjoy the love
Wich you presence gives,
I feel a celestial peace!

Oriza Martins


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