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Our relationship has made us accomplices... accomplices in joy, in pain, in hope, in all dreams, in realization of desires ... it is a really fascinating complicity! (Oriza Martins)  Send-share this quote

What I desire to you day? You to be happier today than yesterday and less than tomorrow ... and I can participate actively in this process of happiness ... I love you so much!  (Oriza Martins)

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Before I found you, I was wandering in the desert of solitude. You came to show me the way to happiness, to joy, the experience of love! I love you, a love without end! (Oriza Martins) 

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No matter how much the sky is dark, heavy clouds on the horizon, if I just think of you... my fear is gone!... I do love you, my darling! (Oriza Martins)

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Loving you is to wander away into the most exciting intricacies of thought ... it is to lose myself and find myself in you ... I love you, with a pure love! (Oriza Martins)   Send-share this quote

I love you, a love without end ... I love you, a pure love ... I love you, a passionate love... I love you explicitly, a love of infinite possibilities! (Oriza Martins)   Send-share this quote

I love the special touch of your caress ... sliding your hands on any piece of my body can carry me to heaven's happiness, even in thought ... just close my eyes to envision this possibility. I love you, it is a pure love! (Oriza Martins)  Send-share this quote

To say "I love you with a love without end... I love you, a pure love ... I love you with a passionate love... I love you explicitly, a love of infinite possibilities..." - it all seems redundant ... but the truth is that there is insufficient redundancy to express my feelings for you! (Oriza Martins)

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