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Love Words and Quotes, by Oriza Martins  


Good morning, my dear. On this rising day, I wish to you the best of things that can happen to someone. As for me, it already did -- you, in my life! What else could I desire for myself? Only to keep my desire for you! I love you dearly...





Our moments together are those more colorful, more livid. When we're apart, seems that part of me is gone and, on those moments, I feel an complete despair, counting the minutes until the moment to find myself with you again. Never leave alone, love of my life!

Why do I love you? I love you because I love you,A love without boundaries, I love you because I love you, That's it ... it is so simple!

I want to see your eyes to confess, my sweetheart:

I'm falling in love with you and I hope, ansiously,
that you will love
me too.


Our love is impetuous as raging waves of the sea ... it is waves of desire, passion, that calm down gently, spreading happiness in the sands of the heart ... I do love you! (Oriza Martins)

You mean, for me, an amazing possibility of existence - the ability to be happy and feel so full of love with the most simple expressions of affection. You complete me, make me completely happy! (Oriza Martins)


One of the most fascinating aspects of our relationship is the ability we have to communicate only with our eyes ... That's the joy of exchanging words through thought... I love you! (Oriza Martins)


Last night was wonderful... I still can feel the taste of your kiss, the contact of your skin against mine, the good chill that I have with it... as much as I could dream in the past, I never known how much happiness one can have with someone to love... it is great to be able to love you.

I've tried to measure how much I love you... impossible task. It is so much that the conclusion is clear: my love for you knows no bounds and it is infinite!


Where is happiness? Happiness is in the little details ... in a smile of a child, in the magic of sunset, at the drop of dew that falls off of a flower ... and each time I 'm on your side, my love!  (Oriza Martins)


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