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I like staying with you...

I like staying with you


Valentines day


Happy Valentines



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Tried To Save The World - Tom Cawte And The Electric Hearts


Well I tried to save the world, but we ran out of words to say;
So instead I'll write this song, with a guitar full of chords to play;
Well I really didn't write them anyway.

Well I tried to build a boat, so I could sail myself away;
But I ran out of wood, and left standing on the harbor in the rain;
Well I'd only get seasick anyway;
Yeah I'd only get seasick anyway.

Who can it be?
Knockin' on my door;
I hope it ain't the man;
Comin' to start a war, against me...

So then I bought a car, with four wheels and a radio;
But the engine wouldn't start, so I traded my car for a horse and cart;
To help me with this heavy load.

I climbed aboard a rocket ship, but the people in the cockpit wouldn't let me in;
I'm left standing on the ground, while these people fly around above my head.
What a way to start my day;
What a way to start my day;
What a way to start my day!



It's a sight I never hope to see.


Well now I've been full-circle, but I couldn't seem to find a miracle;
So I'll just keep on searchin', for a world that I believe in.
Yeah I should've fixed my car;
Oh, I should've fixed my car;
Yeah, I should've fixed my car;
Oh, I should've fixed my car!




It's a sight, I never hope to;
Sight, I never hope to;
Sight, I never hope to see!


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