First Anniversary

I thank god with all my heart today,
For sending u to me one day.
You breezed in my life as a bout of fresh air
With your smile and charm so rare.
You didn’t promise me the moon,
Neither did u promise me a life on stars,
But you promised me a heart.
A heart full of love and compassion
And to love me with all your passion.
You showed me the way to love in life
And I gladly became your wife.
Now life is some thorns and not only roses,
We have fights in daily doses.
But no matter what happens,
We’ll always stick together,
It’s not my desire or a misconception,
We’re made for each other to perfection.
365 days with you have been wonderful,
And the rest of our life will be beautiful.
It’s neither an idea nor a prayer,
It’s a promise which will never break.
Happy Anniversary!

Dipti Agarwal


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